"Демир баба теке - българският Ерусалим"

Книгата "Демир баба теке - бвългарският Ерусалим" с автори проф. Диана Гергова и доц. Катерина Венедикова е двуезична. Може да се сдобиете с изданието в българо-английска версия и в българо-турска като се свържете с нас.

The book presents for the first time the significant tekke of the Alevi saint of Bulgarian origin Demir Baba, its history, architecture, decoration and inscriptions, retells his recently translated Velayetname and travels with the Saint, publishes the inscriptions from the birthplaces of Demir Baba’s relatives. Built by the first springs from the Danube to the South, on the ruins of an ancient Thracian sanctuary, the tekke is situated at the very heart of the Sboryanovo National reserve in North East Bulgaria. Here ruins, temples and living ancient Indoeuropean traditions bear witness to the throbbing pulse of sacrality through the millenia : the Orphic 1st mill. BC spiritual and political capital of the Northern Thracians “Dausdava” (The city of the Wolves) with the UNESCO Sveshtari tomb, the early Mediaeval Bulgarian pre - Christian Bulgarian tumuli, the Mediaeval settlement with Christian chapel, the statuette of the Hinduist god Jina with hints at Buddhism and Judaism. The tekke of Demir Baba attracts to this day Christians, Muslims and non-believers, conquered by the magic of Nature and by the spirit of that sacred place. That is why the authors referred to this sacred place as the Bulgarian Jerusalem, a place that did not divide, but united people both during the Late Middle Ages and today.