The Sboryanovo Enigma

Dragomir Bogomilov is a journalist and photographer, part of the Prof. Diana Gergova's team. His book called The Sboryanovo Enigma presents intiguing facts and interesting hypothesis  about the tumuli, treasures, tombs and sanctuarities discovered so far.

The author shares his sense the excitement of new archeological discoveries he has witnessed and closely followed over the past 10 years, presenting some of the most extraordinary treasures and artifacts through his unique photography. Dragomir has several publications on the topic in reputable media like the Bulgarian edition of National Geographic, and his work can also be found on the French newspaper “Le Figaro” as well as on the pages of Swiss magazines and in various websites. He has held twelve photo exhibitions to date, seven of which were presented abroad – USA, Russia, Republic of Bashkiria, United Kingdom and Switzerland.

You could buy a copy in English from HERE.