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Date: Jul 15, 2013

Second Summer School of Thracian archaeology –Sboryanovo 2013 - 16-30.08.2013

A team of internation scientists contribute to the need of archeology

A team of Ukrainian and Bulgarian scientists  from Harkov, Kiev, the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences  and the Institute for Nuclear studies and Nuclear Energy   at the Bulgarian Academy of Science,  for the first time in Bulgaria contributed to the needs of archaeology,  investigating   the necropolises of the Getic capital. The Geophysician  dr.  Juryi Bogdanov – creator of the  new instrument , Prof. Vladimir Pavlovich,      engineer Sergey Prokopenko and dr. Boyko Vachev  , collaborating in the frame of the European project Black Sea NazNet,     scanned by air and on  land the tumuli of Sboryanovo, applying  new methods for investigation of the earth, that will help archaeologists to obtain more detailed preliminary information.